Tara Lynn became an overnight celebrity in the fashion world, especially after her features in V Magazine (that raised a lot of controversy) and in French Elle’s plus size fashion shoot.

The magazine, which ran this feature in an attempt to show that fashion was changing, photographs Tara Lynn (a plus size model bio), along with several other plus size models, in various items of clothing.

In my personal opinion, the shoot is excellent, but one does have to question the real motive behind the feature.

Elle is meant to be a fashion magazine, and the feature was meant to be specifically promoting fashion – yet a lot of the shots see the models in various states of undress.

One picture of Tara Lynn (a plus size model bio) especially, sees her in nothing but a slick of red lipstick and a pair of heels.

The nature of the shoot thus makes me question the magazines motive. If the message was merely that plus size women can look good too - then it is highly unnecessary to feature them in states of undress.

Whether it is the magazine overcompensating for taking on the plus size models, or whether it is for another reason, I think the shoot missed its main objective – to promote good fashion to women of all sizes.

Tara Lynn (a plus size model bio) is a UK size 18, with her measurements on her modelling card being 38-34-46.

She is now perfectly placed in the world of fashion to have a genuine attempt at changing people’s perceptions of beauty, and of size.

With her status, beauty, and professional success, it is down to individuals like her to demonstrate that beauty does not conform to a specific size.

Something I read recently on a blog really demonstrated this point. The author was emphasizing the point that plus size advocates shouldn’t be pushing for progress under the banner of ‘real women’, as this suggests that anyone not plus size is not a ‘real woman’.

The point is not to advance one sector of society by running down another; instead it is to show everyone that beauty comes in many different shapes, colours, sizes.

Tara herself says:

“I would like to say that I like my body as much as I ever did. But all the publicity has made it easier. I’m being celebrated now.”
“I spend half my life walking around in clothes with my bottom hanging out. All these gorgeous clothes and nothing fits me. No wonder they always shoot me naked.”



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